Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, 21 March 1812
ALL Persons are hereby cautioned against suffering their Cattle or other stock to trespass on the Farm of Mr. James Elder, at Baulkham Hills, bounded by Messrs. McDougal and Bean’s, on pain of prosecution; which measure has become necessary from the very improper depasturage of stock upon the cleared and orchard grounds to the greatest injury thereof.

Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, 10 October 1818
Mr. James Elder, Owner of the House No. 11, Pitt-street, lately occupied by one Solomon Davis, hereby gives Notice, that the said House, No. 11, Pitt-street, is the Property of him the said James Elder, and has been by him rented to the said Solomon Davis; Now I hereby give Notice, that the said Solomon Davis has no legal Interest in the said House whatsoever; and I hereby Caution all Persons whomsoever against purchasing or treating for any Interest in which the said Solomon Davis may be stated to have in the said Premises. (signed) James Elder.

COLONIAL SECRETARY’S OFFICE, Sydney, October 14,1831


THE following description of Grants of Land in the County of CUMBERLAND, with the Names of the Persons to whom they were respectively promised, are published for general
information, in order that all parties concerned may have an opportunity of correcting any errors and omissions which may have been made inadvertently.

And Notice is hereby given, that at the end of One Month from the present date, unless written Caveats be previously lodged in this Office, Deeds of Grant will be prepared accordingly. …


James Elder, 100, One hundred Acres; bounded on the East by a line South 22 degrees East 36 chains, commencing at Bennett’s North-west corner; on the South by a Creek; on the West by a Creek which separates it from Schaffer’s Farm; and on the North by a portion of the Parramatta-road and Wade’s Farm; being lines South 22 degrees East to Wade’s South corner, and thence North 24 degrees East to Bennett’s North-west corner, which is the commencing corner.

Promised by Sir Thomas Brisbane in May, 1824; Quit-rent 15s. sterling per annum, commencing 1st January, 1831.


The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser 1 September 1836



IS HEREBY GIVEN, by the Trustees of the Estate of the late Mr. James Elder, that a Premises situate at the corner of Pennent and Sorrell-streets, Parramatta, advertised for sale by Mr. A. Polack, on Saturday next, 3d September, is part of the estate of the late Mr. James Elder, and was held by him and Tulley Matthews (from whom he purchased the Property) for the last 20 years or upwards and is in the possession of the family up to this period, but of which it is understood that a lease, by Sir Thomas Brisbane, was erroneously made out in the name of Isaac Howarth.

Parramatta,               )
31st August, 1836.   )



The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser 3 September 1836


To the Trustees of the Estate of the late Mr. James Elder, and whom it may concern.

With reference to an advertisement in Thursday’s Gazette, apparently from the said Trustees, but without any name attached thereto, stating that the Allotments situated at the corner of Pennant and Sorrel-streets, advertised for sale by Auction to-morrow is part of the estate of the late Mr. James Elder, with a view, as it were, of injuring the present proprietor, by retarding the sale thereof


Begs to notify that the said property will positively be sold without the least reserve, on the ground,

THI[S] DAY, at Twelve o’clock precisely, when

the purchaser will receive


Which is now in the hands of the Auctioneer, and may be seen on application at his Auction Rooms, Lower George-street.