Report of London City Mission, 1993

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With Compliments
Rev. James McAllen, BD

Mr John Leeke [sic] Kraushaar

Joined 12th January 1852
Resigned 31st April 1858, having served for six years.

He worked on the St Giles District the boundaries being Holborn to the north, Great Turnstile and Fenwick court to the east, Great Queen Street and Lincoln's Inn Fields to the South, and Newton Street to the west. There are no references in the Mission's minute books to Mr Kraushaar other than at the time of his joining and on receipt of his letter of resignation. The minute of 5th January 1852 states,

"The Examining Sub-Committee reported that they had examined John Leeke Kraushaar. This Candidate has been 7 years the National School Master of Trinity District, St Giles. He is a young man of some intelligence, and he professed the desire to resign his school through a much greater love of visiting. The Sub-Committee were pleased with this Candidate. His piety appears real, and he appears to have been gradually brought to a good knowledge of the Gospel. He is a man of a nice spirit, and [apparently calculated?] for our work. The Sub-Committee have pleasure in recommending that he be sent to the Examiners. The testimonial of Kraushaar was then read from the Rev Samuel Garratt."

He was accepted on 12th January 1852, and accepted as a full missionary following a probationery period on 5 July 1852.


St. Giles Church ca 1830
The church was destroyed in World War II.