St. Marienkirche was the German name of St. Mary's German Lutheran Church, which was originally at St. Mary le Savoy Precinct, The Strand, London - 51°30'36.78"N, 0°07'08.46"W. PHK provides the following notes:

... from 1694...the Germans living in Westminster moved out from the "Hamburg" Lutheran church in the City of London...being given the use of a church in the Savoy Palace, near where Waterloo Bridge now stands. This is the church of St. Mary-le Savoy, not to be confused either with the Queen's Chapel in the Savoy (the only surviving part of the palace buildings), or with St. Mary-le Strand.

The "church" was moved several times (the original building was demolished during the Waterloo Bridge project, 1850-60), and the present congregation uses a chapel in Sandwich Street, London WC1 at the same site as the International Lutheran Student Centre. It is here that the Anglo-German Family History Society (AGFHS) has held its quarterly meetings since St. George's school in Alie St. E1 became unavailable.

JCK is shown as godparent to Johann Jacob Müller on 4 May 1763. A month later, Mr. (sic) Kraushaar appears in the brand-new St. Georg's German Lutheran Church in Alie Street as a godparent - 14 June 1763, the first entry - together with the same Müller couple, to a Sonnenschein child.

In the records of this same St. Marienkirche are to be found registered the deaths of:

12 May 1776

KRAUSHAAR Anna - 4 yrs
buried in "Children's Churchyard"

29 July 1779

KRAUSHAARS (sic) a son

12 April 1782

KRAUSHAARS (sic) a daughter - 3 yrs -
of Conradt (sic)

7 Oct 1788

NINAU Caspar Andreas, 68 yrs, of Hamburg,
at Chandos St [prob. in The Strand district].
Buried in churchyard.

9 July 1801

NINAU Elizabeth, Mrs, 80 yrs,
wife of Caspar, staymacher (sic),
at Chandos Court

Further information on St. Georg is available in later notes.