Oct. 4, 1858

My dear Brother Alexander,

I was greatly surprised to hear the contents of your last letter as I was not aware you were engaged.

I am very glad of it in one respect. I think it the best position for a young man to be in - the safest and the happiest. Whether you are suitably married I cannot judge. If you are satisfied I have no right to complain. I can only congratulate you on your good fortune & trust you may both be spared many years to enjoy each other's society. Give my sisterly love to Andrea. I shall be happy to make her acquaintance when it can be managed - I am glad to hear she is a well educated girl, & not under Popish rule so much as might be expected. But take care that she never is. I trust you will both be led far away from such errors & be found at the feet of Jesus learning of him, not of priests. The fear of God is a good thing to begin life with - It will help you under the burdens & difficulties of life, - the fear of God of course includes a trust in the Saviour, which can be the only safety in death.

I hope my dear brother you will write home more frequently now you will have [?] to tell. Mama has sorrowed greatly & fancied all sorts of troubles on account of your silence.

Your little nephew Elijah is growing a fine bright clever boy, quite an original, full of fun & wit - the life of the house - never at a loss for an answer & always making friends. You should see him, he would be your favourite still.

I am with love your affectionate sister

Anne Evans

To the care of Mr. W. Murray

About all the rest of my children you will learn from my letters to Walter. Your photographs not received yet - how can I send mine.