[Covington, Kentucky, is just across the Ohio river from Cincinnati. JC]
Covington, Ky.
6th November 1864
Dear Alex-

Your welcome letter of 22nd Aug. is to hand and I am glad to hear you are well and that your mining speculations are successful - you are putting us in the Atlantic States far in the shade, who find it difficult to get along and pay our way - everything is so high and rising. I frequently feel like pulling up stakes and leaving the country altogether - in 6 weeks now Henry's term of service expires in the army and I shall then determine what my future course will be. - I had a letter from London a few days ago - the girls give a good acct of themselves and our friends in that small city, - they are very anxious to know when I am going to see them and whether 11 years is long enough to stay away.

Do you ever think of paying your friends in the old sod a visit - Herbert Bird, I think, will return to Cincinnati - He is dissatisfied with California and if war matters subside I would not be surprised to see him at any time - at last advice he was travelling in Oregon.

In the summer I had all my teeth pulled out and about 6 weeks ago had them replaced by a new set. I like them first rate and begin to think them an admirable institution.

I am book keeper for a large wholesale Dry Goods house on Pearl St. but I am getting heartily tired of working for other people.

My kind regards to Walter. We are now on the eve of the presidential election and for the moment that takes precedence of every thing else. The Doctor is a great advocate for "old Abe" and I am for "Little Mac" - I am heartily tired of the political ferment we are in and am glad the time is fast approaching for the matter to be settled.

Write soon and with every kind wish for you and yours,
Believe me in haste

Your affectionate Cousin