Dot Lister (1883-1961) & Con Kraushaar (1885-1966)

Orange N.S.W.,
18 February 1910

Conrad Kraushaar (later Crawshaw) marries Fanny Ina ("Dot") Lister
(The author's grandparents.)

Fifty years later, the Golden Wedding anniversary:

Seated: Milton Crawshaw and wife Mary (née Johnston); Gordon Hales, wife Faith (née Crawshaw) and daughter Joy; Dot (née Lister) and Con Crawshaw; Chattie (née Crawshaw) and Isaac Baker; Joy (née Crawshaw) and Tom Johnston.

Standing: Hope Crawshaw; Ruth and Beth Johnston; Tim Crawshaw; Ross Hales; John Crawshaw; Beulah and Bill Hales; Audrey Johnston; Stephen Crawshaw.