Hackney Road
6th September 1861
My dear Alexander

One regret I remember you had on leaving us "that you would not see the Exhibition of 1851". Well that has passed and gone and the grass grows over its site. The Crystal Palace, South of London - has since arisen and its fellow is contemplated North of London, on the hills immediately north of Hampstead - but, the second Exhibition will be brought out in 1862 - immediately west of Chelsea containing features of improvement on all the preceding, especially nearly all the good pictures in England - collected into the one spot. This were an object well worth striving to see, but especially an old man and woman on the Hackney Road would welcome you with heartfelt pleasure. However, we do not wish you to make sacrifices to see us but to gather gear against your old age and make sure of the means of sustaining yourselves in credit and respectability - carrying with it respect, independence and comfort - alias happiness. Strive for this, my boy, and your youthful exertions will be well repaid in age.

Again - another source of happiness is the love of your wife - repaid by your fondness for her. These are in England laughable topics. I am sorry for the rude manners of my country. They are the only real sources of happiness and should be pursued as the business of life is pursued with heartiness. There are three Loving subjects I would recommend to you - Love of God, Love to your dear wife and Love of Independence. The three together would make earth a Paradise and endear the place of their enjoyment. I am delighted with your account of your dear Andrea and your mutual attachment. Such kind things said and felt are prognostics of domestic happiness. Your old Friend Kennedy is not now the Postmaster and Village Barber but is located at Hackney and is comfortably posted.

Give my love to Andrea, assure her [of] my esteem respect & gratitude and believe me to be

Your affectionate Father

James Murray

Mr. Alexander Murray