Hackney Road E
July 15th, 1859
My dear Alexander

We were delighted a day or two since at receiving a letter from you in your usual scholastic style but very pleasing to us, as it contains an important declaration that you were at the end of nine months as happy as on the day of your marriage - this is very important, as it proves the union of congenial minds without which it is needless to expect happiness in the marriage life. I have had forty years of it, and wish it may continue to the last, that we may wear out together and quietly drop into the grave as near in time to each other as the Lord will.

I am pleased too in seeing your wife's writing - Though evidently not used to English writing her sentiments are those of a loving wife and a kind hearted woman and will therefore find a response in every English heart. John Bull loves home, wife and family as dearly as he loves himself, and prizes or appreciates them more because their comfort, happiness and peace depends in a great measure on himself.

If, as some think and circumstances give reason to think, Louis Napoleon, who has done with the war in Italy, has a longing desire to enlarge his boundaries and increase his means by expaterating [expatiating? expatriating?] himself in England, he will find the Lion roused in defence of his home, his hearth, his domestic happiness, [which] will be quite another thing in warfare to what he has witnessed recently in mercenaries fighting for home or supremacy merely - and that he will be hurled back in disgrace and dishonor. Already, without talking of him - England is arming all over the land, and putting the Enfield and Lancaster Rifle into the hands of the people, and training them for war - manufacturing Rifle & Cannon by thousands, building iron cased freighters - and ram batteries (floating) each armed with Anderson's or Rifled Cannon - on a principle of our own superior to any yet made - and are preparing to do battle with any or all who dare to assail our Island "Home" - that is the word - and a word too that will r[a]ise all the blood of our people to resist aggression - let them try it - they will soon find out their mistake.

I am pleased too that San Luis Obispo is beginning to fill with more civilized beings than those "Judge Lynch", that is our word, displaced. - In a word I am pleased that a Christian people are taking a Christian means- that is quiet and peaceable of filling the land with joy and gladness. All this pleases me and when you write quiet pictures of home and happiness are worth all the selfish vagaries of public men - with you as with us, intent in promoting their own interests, while talking of the interests of the public.

You and Walter too have sent life-like pictures across the Atlantic. Well, I think I must be getting stupid in my old days or I should ere now have found out means of making ours walk across the Atlantic that you may have the opportunity of noting a change; and Andrea and Mercedes, what those queer old folks in England are like. I will take the hint and act upon it. If I do not write personally to Andrea and Mercedes, it is because my letters are intended for all and time would fail if correspondence is to be the mere vehicle of compliments. No, each is now a worthy member of our family & will be treated in every respect as such confidentially and sacredly.

My time and paper are drawing to a close - I say to each God bless you - keep your eye on the possibility of seeing your aged parents and it may be that God may bless you with the means and opportunity - I am, Dear Alexander & Andrea

Your affectionate Father

James Murray
Alexander & Andrea Murray