430 Hackney Road N E
25 October 1867
My dear Alexander

On this day 49 years I was married to your dear Mother and my loving wife. Seven apprenticeships have I served and not tired of my bargain now. Well, I bless God for his great Mercy in giving me so good & faithful a partner who, under great debility, is yet able to stir about freely and to do her duty to me - promptly yet pleasantly and without making it a burden.

Well, I do think that your kind benefaction to Addy Kraushaar, now Addy Roberts, enabled her to change her name at the right time when both were ripe-----[original torn] great transaction in which there is no further opportunity for change of mind - but for good or for evil they must remain what they are. I have not seen Mr. Roberts but from her description I should think him to be a sensible, clever and kind man, who will enlist all his sensibilities in her service, and will employ every feeling of his heart to her gratification and I trust that she will well receive all his endearment in the same spirit. I trust it was a right thing to marry under such circumstances and that the event will justify my anticipations. He has fairly caged his bird and I do think that God will help the union with peace, prosperity and happiness.

Your dear Mother and I enjoy the evening of our days. We have a fair measure of health and trust we shall have some few years yet of happiness to enjoy it. We saw the Hopwoods the other day on their return from Brimscombe. They found dear Anne happy in the bosom of her family - enjoying rest and peace and happiness in the full possession of all her faculties and employing them in the service of her God by prayer, praise and exhortation confirming her fellows in the worship of God, - in fact using her faculties to promote the honor and glory of our Triune Jehovah - Father, Son & Holy Spirit.

The great problem now in the course of being solved, is the union of Temporal power - with Spiritual - I say they ought to be separated and diversely & separately employed to his Honor and Glory. We shall see. I trust to see, even in my short time, the curse of war abrogated and nations consenting to dwell together in amity. The expense of war seems working out the interests of peace for there appears to be found no nation that is warlike, that is not burdened with debt which is draining their life blood, and therefore find that 'tis better to live in peace. Save the expense of war and leave all differences to arbitration - such may be done and must and will be done "in the good times coming."

Let us know from time to time how you are getting on - in domesticity and ---[original torn]--- and social position. The worst part of it is we cannot see each other - We cannot pleasantly interchange our thoughts and enjoy the merry laugh of children - such things are, but not for us. We must therefore endeavour to enjoy life at second hand in the prosperity of our respective countries - and in the promotion, honour, peace and love between states & so promote happiness of the world. Tell us all that is going on that you deem will interest us and we must do the same by posting up all that we may think will interest you.

Your dear Mother and I are going to have a cup of tea and maybe a glass of wine with each other and doubtless shall remember those far away separated by the briny ocean, and drink a glass to their honour. Tell Walter that he is associated in these thoughts and that nothing can separate a father's love from his children when those same children reciprocate the blest feeling of love and moreover it is shared by those loved ones who share the love of our children and participate in the joy which is created by loving acts and loving thoughts.

Give our united love to your dear wife and remit the same to dear Walter, his wife and wee things.

Believe me to be, dear Alexander your loving father

James Murray