San Luis Obispo
December 21st, 1875

My very dear Sister,

I have just received your kind and very welcome letter refering to Mr. Henderson's letter to your husband. Mr H. is an old acquaintance of 25 years and was one of your dear brother's best friends. He says that you are mistaken in that - He being Administrator of the Estate of Alexander could not with propriety act for heirs in England, but he merely recommended the appointment as your attorney in fact, Mr. John Simmler - our Post Master - as a proper person to be instructed with your interests, he being an old and tried friend of my husband's and this appointment is fully indorsed by me. I am the sole Executrix of Walter.

The children are much pleased with the little cards you sent them and they thank you for them. They are doubly pleased with their little gifts as having come from their dear Aunt. As to health, we are all well thank God, but the wound in our bruised hearts is as sore and fresh as ever. I am still undecided as to what I shall do to earn something that I may keep the children at school. I hope that as soon as all business matters are settled I will be able to see my way clear to do something to help us along. Thank Heaven we are not at present suffering from poverty - but I fear that if we do not find some other means for living than that which our dear one left us we will some day fall short. He was taken from us just at the time when he was beginning to set himself up. His re-election was considered secure and he was so ambitious and anxious about it. The very day he died he sent a man out in the country electioneering. You can imagine how great was his enthusiasm. He died on the 5th day of October and the election took place on the 20th of that month. But the Great All Father knows best. He does all things wisely and I feel that He will help us in this our sorrowing time.

We shall hope to have your dear letters always, as a consolation and comfort. Mercedes and Anita will write to you and to their dear Grandmama regularly and they hope that when you are unable to write, the unknown cousins will do so for you. They would love to hear from them.

I hope that this will find you enjoying perfect health in company with your dear husband and family. The children unite with me in love to yourself and all the dear unknown relations.

If you conclude to send Mr. Simmler the power of Attorney, do it with all possible dispatch. You may safely place all confidence in this gentleman, as he is perfectly reliable.

Hoping to hear from you soon again I remain

Yours affectionately
M Murray