1 Philadelphia Place
Hackney Road
23rd March 60
My dearest Alexander

Through the arrival of the New Year Pictorial Newspaper I am stirred up once more to address you. I must confess I had rather taken higher ground and have said through receiving a letter from you, but no my dear, you do not think sufficiently of me to write. How is this, dear Alex? am I unworthy of your affection? I am quite sure if (as I suppose she is) your dear wife is worthy of your affection she would rather encourage you to write than otherwise. Is it your unwillingness to write letters? The longer you abstain from writing the more difficult it will become and I presume it is a matter of necessity that every person in businesses of your kind should be capable of epistolary correspondence - It is an acquirement in the Old World which is almost a necessity, therefore if only for practice sake I would encourage it.

The papers you have sent convey to me this information that you are appointed Agent for Wheeler's and Wilson's Family Sewing Machine and that they can be rendered profitable. I believe the originators, Baker and Grover, are Englishmen but have a manufactory at Boston. They are getting much used here but are too expensive for private use. I know a gentleman who having failed in business has purchased some of the machines and is employing some women to work them thus making them a source of income.

A letter from you giving me a few particulars respecting them would have been acceptable and I sometimes now think one has been sent particularly as you promised me one on Walter's last envelope. My expectations, it seems, were raised only to be disappointed.

I hope yourself and dear wife are progressing. I shall ever be rejoiced to hear of your temporal prosperity but how much more should I be thankful to God to hear that you had been brought out of Nature's darkness into the light of the glorious Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Could I but once know this realized I could, methinks say with Simeon of old "Lord now lettest thy servant depart in peace."

Religion, dear Alexander, will teach us how to live and how to die. Oh! that you could see yourself a sinner then would you offer up the Puthe'an's [heathen's?] prayer but I fear there is so much heathenism and immorality around you that you have become perfectly indifferent to the things of God. When I think of this how much do I regret that I ever consented to your departure for California. I am happy to say the American Revival has reached out Island. Yes, God is blessing us in drawing many hearts to himself and in making Himself known in an especial manner. Our theatres even are filled with willing hearers and thus are the people of every grade got at. The most eminent Ministers ..... both but as it would be at the sacrifice of your temporal interests I feel it my duty to submit but I do hope you both seek that happiness which cometh from above, then will you be prepared for the various trials of life and for a state of blessedness in another and a better world where parting and sorrow are alike unknown.

Believe me

My dearest Alexander

Your affectionate Mother
Sarah Murray