[No date - this is obviously a sheet that was added to another letter, presumably from Sarah to Walter. Sukie Hunter estimates the date as almost certainly August or September 1860, probably August.]

Dear Alexander

I cannot send off this letter without saying a few words to you; if you could have any idea of the frequency you are on my mind you would not be so cruel as to refrain from writing. Yes, I say cruel! I sincerely hope your happiness is now great but of this I want to be assured, and although I may never see you in this world I can die happy especially if I can have the pleasing intelligence announced to me that you are a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. Oh! that dreadful heathen land.

I read with great interest the letter sent us by dear Walter but I should have been greater pleased to have seen an account of more churches and chapels in San Luis Obispo. However I live in hopes that as the American people are arriving at that part such will soon be supplied and that you will take advantage of it.

I hope your business improves. Storekeeping must be dull work unless you have plenty of trade. Milling, I hope, Walter will give up as it is a great plague to him and he gets but little by it. I can imagine that continual replaning [replanting?] must take off a good bit of money.

I presume you are not likely to increase your family but - [torn] - that fret you for depend - [torn] - it you and your good little wife will have the fever cured. I presume neither of you have any desire to come to England. If I could but see a better chance for you here you may depend upon it I should urge it with all my powers of persuasion.

We have been much pleased with an introduction to the Hon. R. Pacheco. He is indeed a handsome, polished gentlemen such a one as I could scarcely have thought California would have produced. He is very agreeable. He is to dine with us, also Uncle Hopwood, soon. I know not what he thinks of us but we of course live in too retired a way to interest him much.

Have you heard from Charles Manfred - he wrote to me and said he intended writing to you. I know of no family news except that I am thinking of paying Anne a visit about the end of this month.

Present to your dear wife my love and best wishes and accept the same yourself from

Your affectionate Mother
S Murray