[This letter is undated, but is obviously from October 1869, as Sarah says Anne will be in London in 3 weeks time and in Anne’s next letter to Alexander she says she was there in November] 1 Alexandra Cottages
Fairfield Road

My ever dear Alexander

Since writing to you I have had another removal - I am now residing in one of my Cottages - I came here in order to test whether my tenants has spoken the truth for two have lately gone away without giving me the required notice, declaring that there were so many rats, that they could not live in them. I have been here a week last Tuesday and have neither seen or heard one, indeed the house is very comfortable, and I must say I feel much more at home in it than I did in apartments, this however is the last trial I shall give them but I hope and think it is a step in the right direction. The noise from the Railroad trains disturbs me but I hope to surmount that difficulty. My houses are next to the Train, that the Luggage train completely shakes the houses - I shall let two rooms that I shall not pay more for a house than I did for apartments and I hope have the advantage of always having my house let - I shall now soon have redeemed my cottages which will be a great triumph but they have been a heavy drag upon my pocket - 72£ pr annum. The Fairfield Road runs parallel with the Grove Road, where Walter used to go to the Hudsons. I think the neighbourhood is healthy, for I have felt much better, and my appetite is better since I have been here -

I received a letter from poor Fanny yesterday, she is in great trouble about her son John and Addy, the doctor has pronounced them both to be consumptive, Mr Roberts too has not succeeded in business that it is another source of trouble to her, but I hope that difficulty will be overcome as he is very clever at his business, and can get a situation.

Your sister Mrs Evans has been very unwell for some time past but not so as to prevent her going from place to place for change of air. Elijah after 3 months holiday has returned to London again, he has gained 3 prizes at the Middlesex Hospital - both Mr & Mrs Evans are very pleased thinking it a great triumph.

Are you any nearer coming to England than you were? I hope your health continues good and that the gentleman is entirely destroyed - How is your dear Andrea? - present my affectionate love to her - I should so like to be introduced to the wives of my dear sons, but that pleasure will not be granted me, I fear in Walter's case; you and Andrea I do not yet despair of seeing. I expect Mrs Evans will be in London in about 3 weeks time. I quite long to see some of my family - I have been so alienated from them.

All your future letters and newspapers direct to me here - I do not fear not getting them, as the postmen have been very attentive, in finding me out, although obstacles have been placed in their way.

I expect the elections are over - how did Walter get on? has he succeeded in his wishes dear fellow I fear he is not passing through life without meeting with some difficulties, his large family must occasion him heavy expenses - give my fondest love to him, his wife, and the dear children - Likewise present my affectionate love to your own dear wife - I presume she is doubly dear to you, in consequence of your having no children to love. I must now say farewell - may the Lord protect and bless you both - here and hereafter.

In much love I am

Your ever affectionate mother

Sarah Murray