1 Philadelphia Place
Hackney Rd.
8 March 61
My dear Andrea

I feel that I am indebted to you a letter, and wonder how I could possibly permit it to remain unanswered so long a time; do, my dear, forgive me and impute it to that want of energy which generally attends persons advanced in years.

I thank you for a specimen of the work done by the machine. They are getting so very cheap here that I presume they will be admitted into private families after a little time. Has Alexander sold many of them? Have you been able to do your own needlework with them?

I sincerely hope that yourself and your dear brethren [??] are well. How much do I wish I could see you that I might tell you personally how much I desire to see you living lovingly together. I hope Mercedes is well. Give my affectionate love to her and kiss her dear children for me. When I last heard from Walter she was expecting her confinement in June 60. [Anita had been born 12 May 1860.] What can possibly be the reason of his not writing? I presume you often go to see her. How far do you live apart? Walter has a new summer residence, I should think by Pacheco's account. He told us about the lemons which could be seen from his house, in consequence of a stream of water flowing in front.

I presume you have no family or I should of heard of the event. I was glad to hear that occasionally you took a drive out with dear Alexander. May you very often have that pleasure - "all work and no play" makes us dull and is not good for us. A little recreation on the contrary gives cheerfulness and enables us to return to our duties with renewed energy. St. Luis Obispo, I presume, is increasing in population which will, I hope, increase your business. Building I expect is progressing - Churches and Chapels rising up, is it not so? Have you many schools there? Are you a Sunday School teacher? Married and single if they have the opportunity unite in the work here and much good is being done. Very young children here are trained to know the Lord who bought them with his precious blood.

I sincerely hope there will be no war in America. I pray that you, my dear Son, and all who are dear to me may be protected from it - there my fears are most great. I look most anxiously into the newspapers for intelligence upon the subject.

Accept, dear Andrea, my affectionate love and best wishes and believe me to remain

Yours in much love

S. Murray