1 Philadelphia Place
Hackney Road
16th Sept. 1858
My dear Andrea

I feel it [to] be a great pleasure to be able to address you because you are the beloved wife of my dear son Alexander. Accept of my congratulations and best wishes for your united happiness - may you live together in much love and be prospered, as far as promotes your eternal well doing. The Holy word of God tells us to "Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all other things shall be added thereto".

I was very pleased with your dear husband for writing to me on his wedding day. I considered it such a proof of his continued affection which I was getting somewhat doubtful of, considering his long silence - Should he again serve me so, I hope you will make up for it by writing yourself. Be assured I shall ever be pleased to hear, both from you and Mercedes, for although I have never had the happiness of seeing you, you are my dear sons' beloved ones, and that alone entitles you to my love and esteem.

Time is hastening on with me. I am fast going down the hill of life, but should I be spared to see you, I shall consider it a privilege, and I trust and am thankful to my God & Saviour, but should it be otherwise, which in the course of events is most likely, I shall hope to meet you in a land where the sun never sets; where there are no tears shed and where parting will be unknown. Adieu, may God bless you and bestow upon you his best gifts; may you and your dear husband enjoy this life but above all that which is to come.

Your affectionate Mother
S Murray
Mrs. Alexander Murray