1 Alexandra Cottages
Fairfield Road
17th June 1870

My dear Andrea

My dear Although separated from you many thousands of miles & though I have never been privileged to see you, yet believe me that your faithfulness towards my dear departed son has endeared you to me by the endearing ties of a daughter. Permit me then to sympathise with you in your bereavement, may you, dear, be comforted and supported by that Almighty power which is ever a source of comfort and consolation to the afflicted.

I read with much satisfaction the testimonial of Alexander's character in the San Luis Obispo's paper - dear Alexander, he was ever a kind, affectionate son, and I have no doubt of his having been a loving and devoted husband. May you, my dear Andrea, cherish an affectionate remembrance of his virtues. He did so much to enter into all the various duties of his home; in his last letter to me, mentioned your attention to your garden and various other matters which were very gratifying to me. How little did he then think that his time would be so short. True it is, that "in the midst of life we are in death".

I fear that horrid worm was the original cause of his death otherwise consumption took a very rapid course. I hope I shall have the pleasure of hearing from you. Any little remark he may have uttered respecting his spiritual state would be consolatory to me. During the 3 weeks absence from business cares, perhaps he might have been led to remark upon his prospects as to the future.

In your arrangements should you feel disposed to visit me, or my daughter, I am sure we should be most happy in seeing the beloved wife of dear Alexander and would endeavour to make you as comfortable as circumstances would permit. And now, my dear Andrea, I recommend you to the care of Him who is a husband to the widow. Trust to Him, and he will be your friend even until death. With my very best wishes for your restoration to happiness, I remain

My dear Andrea

Your affectionate Mother

Sarah Murray