South America-Oceania-Asia 1979-80

In 1979-80, Francesca and John travelled for about four months through South America from Baranquilla in Colombia to Tierra del Fuego and back up the east coast to Rio de Janeiro in an Encounter Overland truck; then alone on to Easter Island, Fiji and Sydney (for some well-earned R&R); thence to the Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Burma, India and back to Italy: seven months in all around the world. See Encounter Overland's description of the South American portion.

Unfortunately the quality of the photos (scanned from 40-year-old slides) leaves something to be desired. (No digital photography in those days.)

This map gives an overview of the route followed:

Because of its length, the voyage has been broken into chapters, as follows:

Chapter 1: Colombia-Ecuador

26 October-22 November 1979

Chapter 2: Peru-Bolivia

22 November 1979-2 January 1980

Chapter 3: Chile-Argentina

2 January-6 February 1980

Chapter 4: Paraguay-Brazil

6-22 February 1980

Chapter 5: The Pacific

28 February-31 March 1980

Chapter 6: Hong Kong-China

1-16 April 1980

Chapter 7: Thailand-Burma

16-26 April 1980

Chapter 8: India

26 April-9 May 1980