San Luis Obispo
Novr 25/65

Friend Rutherford,

I duly received yours of Novr 12th. I have reason to believe that McCarthy has published all I sent him. I have seen them all in print, except the longest article, and that my brother saw.

I shall not be up in San Francisco until 15th to 17th of Decr; as I am to take testimony here in relation to my contest on the 11th. My notice is filed and everything in train. I am exactly even with Murphy on the home vote, and depend upon having the soldier vote thrown out for illegality of return etc. If I can effect this I can show that a single vote was cast for me at Drum Barracks by a member of Capt. Cas's Company, which will elect me. If not I shall have to depend upon throwing out some precinct either here or in Santa Barbara; of which I have some hopes. In any event I shall make the contest.

Please find out, if you can, where I can address to Solomon, as I do not like to lose sight of him. His companion must be George Schuler.

I am sorry your business has failed but hope that you will make it up by your old employment. I begin to think that the East is going ahead of California just now, and do not believe that this country will improve until the railroad comes through.

I have sent you two copies of the Pajaro Times, a week or two since, containing letters of mine about the mines, etc. in San Luis. Did you get them. I will send you another next week. If you cannot find them I will forward you a copy of the most interesting one. You must have seen extracts copied in the various papers. It was copied extensively.

I am glad to hear the papers of N. Mexican & Alegris have turned up. We are going to have a live mine here at the Osos. The Superintendent, Hathaway, who is an intelligent Union man, says that he has a 4 foot lead of black oxide, from 30 to 35 per cent copper. He has sent up for more hands; is well fixed to house them, and says he expects to have 200 men to work by the Spring. This looks good.

Business is very dull here just now but I expect to have my hands full in the Spring if I should not secure my seat in the Senate. I do not care much whether I win or no, and would draw out willingly if I have not invested as much I have in the matter. $500 will not make me square. My only consolation is that Murphy spent thousands to my hundreds.

I have by no means given up my answer to Van Ness, but am laying on my oars for a spell. Perhaps I may have to run again.

Write soon.

Yours very truly,

Walter Murray