San Luis Obispo
August 31/66

C B Rutherford, Esq.

Dear friend,

I duly received yours of Aug. 5th enclosing account. Everything has come safe to hand. Please tell Hawley that I got his last invoice of goods, to the amount of $35.54. Will remit shortly. Tell him also that on the last day of the month within which Pico could appeal, Graves filed notice of appeal & the case will come off next week before the County Court. Graves is now in San Francisco and I do not suppose expects to win; only to delay as long as possible. As soon as clinched in the County Court, I shall get out an execution & try to raise the money.

Please invest balance in your hands as follows:
Copper-toed shoes, sizes 8,9,10,12.
White unbleached hose to suit above named sizes.
Coarse women's shoes, 3, & 4.
Graduate quantity to suit means.
Smaller sizes needed most.

I want you to price for me a couple of side saddles, cheap - one for a woman, largest size, and one for a child, of say 8 years old. To be covered with velvet or plush; not with leather.

You can tell Richard when you see him that no one has appeared for him yet, and that no one will unless he pays a fee. I have appeared for those who pay me only. Graves has appeared only for one, Cifona who employed him. He can now count me out of my former offer, as it was too low altogether. I will not touch his case for less than $25 down. Ten dollars from him was no object to me, but as others had made an arrangement with me, I thought I would give him the benefit of it, if he chose.

I should like to see you down here again, but could give you no advice as to the probability of making a living at storekeeping at San Simeon. Sull has opened a store on the Santa Rosa creek, where he will be near the new settlers, many of whom have come in during the present year. There is a more healthy set of men up there now than when you were here, except that they are mostly secest.

I shall start out in another week, prospecting for a sheep ranch. I have my eye upon a stage-station in Santa Barbara county, near Santa Ynez; about 60 miles from here. I think that I shall go into the sheep business, without a doubt.

The mining law passed by Congress that you refer to, I think provides that the party buying shall survey and log out his vein, so that a determinate piece of land shall be granted him. How the devil a man could do this on the North Mexican, I cannot see. I am disgusted with all the mines, although the Osos is still shipping rock. The Hope is still being worked, but it is hoping against hope.

Let me hear from you soon. Send goods on the Woolley. Nothing new here, except that on Friday 24th inst, my wife presented me with a little girl, whom we intend to call Fanny. Hope your children are well. My wife joins in respects to you.

Very truly yours

Walter Murray