Estate of Wm Johnston Jnr

[£45 Stamp Inventory of Wm Johnston]

At Paisley upon the Seventeenth day of February in the year Eighteen hundred and forty eight. In presence of the Commissary of the Commissariat of Renfrew. Compeared Robert Wilson, Writer, Paisley and gave in the Inventory underwritten during the same to be recorded which was appointed to be done and of which Inventory the tenor follows Inventory of the whole Moveable Means and Estate which belonged to the deceased William Johnston, Writer in Greenock at the time of his death which happened on the 12th July, 1847 faithfully made and given up before the Commissary of Renfrewshire of Mrs Margaret Williamson or Johnston residing in Greenock, Executrix Dative qua relict decerned and to be confirmed to the said deceased conform to Testament Dative in her favor, dated 2nd February, 1848 years.

Balance due the deceased in Account Current with the Union Bank of Scotland Greenock inclusive of Interest till the date of his death £451 3 5
Value of deceaseds household furniture & Effects, including Wearing Apparel Watch &c per appraisement and Valuation 164 6 9
Sum contained in Policy of Insurance on deceaseds life with the Scottish Equitable Assurance Coy and bonus accrued thereon 342 - -
The following debts were due to the deceased Vizt
William Ross, Spirit Dealer, Greenock 3. 11. 9
Archibald Thom, Inverkip -. 8. 6
Mrs. William Scott, Greenock -. 17. 2
Trustees of Capt Thomas Wallace, Greenock 19. 9. 9
Robert at Campbell, Shipchandler, Greenock 1. 4. 3
Archibald McMillan, Gonsock 33. 7. 2
Captain Finlay Keith, Greenock 19. 2. 3
James McNeil, Fisherman 1. 11. 6
Benjamin Slonks, Merchant, Birmingham 1. 19. 1
G&A Young, Writer, Glasgow 1. 10. 7
John Scott & Sons, Shipbuilders, Greenock -. 6. 10 83. 8. 10
£ 1040. 19. -

Greenock 16th February, 1848

This is the Inventory referred to in my affidavit of this date

Margaret Johnston
G Williamson Jnr Comr

At Greenock the Sixteenth day of February Eighteen hundred and forty eight years

In presence of Mr George Williamson Junior, Writer Greenock Commissioner, appointed by the Honorable the Commissary of Renfrewshire to take the Oath following conform to Commission in his favor dated the Second day of February Eighteen hundred and forty eight. Compeared Mrs Margaret Williamson or Johnston relict of the deceased William Johnston, Writer in Greenock who being solemnly sworn and examined depones that the said William Johnston died intestate on the Twelfth day of July last. That the deponent is Executrix Dative qua relict decerned by the said Commissary to the said deceased (for behalf of herself and her children) and as such is about to enter on the administration of his moveable Means & Estate. That the Deponent knows of no Will Settlement or Writing relative to the disposal of the deceaseds moveable Estate or any part thereof and what is contained in the two preceding pages is a full and complete Inventory of the moveable Means and Estate wherever situated belonging and due to the deceased at his death, so far as has come to the deponents knowledge, and the amount of the said decesaseds Estate within Scotland so far as has come to the Deponents knowledge is above the value of One thousand pounds, and under the value of One thousand five hundred pounds Sterling. All which is truth as the Deponent shall answer to God.

Margaret Johnston
G Williamson Jr Comr